ESL Questions About Health and Fitness


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  1. What time do you prefer to exercise?
  2. Do you think people will eat more bugs in the future?
  3. Do you like going for a walk?
  4. Is it better to drink mineral water or tap water?
  5. What are the benefits of practising Yoga?
  6. Is a vegan diet healthy?
  7. Do you think the healthcare system is good in your country?
  8. Should people focus more on their mental health?
  9. What are the best ways to exercise at home?
  10. Should competitive sports be played in school?
  11. Do you think lockdowns during a pandemic do more harm than good?
  12. What are the best ways to cope with the stress of work?
  13. What is a healthy diet?
  14. Will online fitness classes become more popular in the future?
  15. Should cannabis be legal?
  16. Is it better to exercise in a gym or outside?
  17. How important is it to face challenges in life?
  18. How much do you think the weather affects people’s mood?
  19. How important is it for people to wear masks during a pandemic?
  20. Is listening to music while exercising ‘cheating’?
  21. Do you think that everyone has a right to free health care?
  22. How important is it to spend time outside?
  23. What is the best way to stay fit for old people?
  24. What are the benefits of having plants in your home?
  25. How important is it to go on holiday at least once a year?
  26. Is alcohol more harmful than marijuana?
  27. What is the most dangerous sport to do?
  28. Are saunas good for you?
  29. Is running good for you?
  30. What should the limit be for vegan activists?
  31. What are the benefits of juicing?
  32. Should we eat only organic food?
  33. Are low carb diets healthy?
  34. What are your favourite vegetables?
  35. Is depression more prevalent now than 100 years ago?
  36. Would you be able to do the carnivore diet?
  37. Could you eat just one meal a day?
  38. How important is sleep?
  39. Which is worse for your health, smoking or drinking?