ESL Questions About Life


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  1. Do you think you use your time wisely?
  2. Do you prefer to take a bath or a shower?
  3. What are the main differences between men and women in society?
  4. What do you like to do on a rainy day?
  5. Do you think life was better when you were a child? Why?
  6. What do you like about where you live?
  7. Will cash become obsolete in the future?
  8. Are people motivated more through fear or reward?
  9. Do you think there will ever be a one world government?
  10. How could the town where you live be improved?
  11. What are the advantages of not going to university?
  12. How much paid holiday should employees be entitles too?
  13. How important is it to be tidy?
  14. What do people usually consider when deciding on a place to live?
  15. What gets on your nerves?
  16. Do you like going for a walk in the cold?
  17. Do you get nervous if you have to deliver a speech or talk?
  18. Do you think people are less sociable as a result of modern technology?
  19. Would you prefer to live in a flat or in a house?
  20. What’s your favourite season of the year?
  21. Should people focus more on their mental health?
  22. Should bank accounts be free?
  23. What country would you most like to live in?
  24. Is it easier to find love now than 50 years ago?
  25. Are clothes lower quality now than in the past?
  26. What do you like to do during the weekend to relax?
  27. How safe are your passwords?
  28. Does white privilege exist?
  29. Is taking a nap during the day good for you?
  30. Is getting married less important now than in the past?
  31. Does autosuggestion work?
  32. Would our lives be better without social media?
  33. Should everyone have to enrol for military service?
  34. Should women stop taking their husband’s surname when married?
  35. Do you prefer the cinema or the theatre?
  36. Should there be an age limit on prescription drugs for depression?
  37. How important is it to face challenges in life?
  38. How much do you think the weather affects people’s mood?
  39. Do you believe objects can bring you good luck?
  40. Is social media dangerous for society?
  41. What things are important when choosing a place to live?
  42. Do you think animals deserve to be treated better by man?
  43. Is society more racist now than 20 years ago?
  44. What makes someone confident?
  45. Is buying property a good investment?
  46. What are the benefits of having plants in your home?
  47. Do you think you would benefit from meditation?
  48. Is it better to grow up in the city or the country?
  49. Do you prefer spending time with family or friends?
  50. Should famous people be allowed privacy?
  51. Should abortion be legal?
  52. What is your ideal holiday?
  53. Is social media like a drug?
  54. Are celebrities getting too much plastic surgery?
  55. What are the pros and cons of social media?
  56. How important is it to protect our skin from the sun?
  57. What’s the better pet, a cat or a dog?
  58. Do we watch too much TV?
  59. What would you buy if you won the lottery?
  60. Is depression more prevalent now than 100 years ago?
  61. Are you a morning person?
  62. What’s better, traditional books or E-books?
  63. What are the pros and cons of a minimalistic lifestyle?
  64. Should we give to charities?
  65. How important is sleep?
  66. Is it ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman?
  67. Who should pay the bill on a first date?
  68. Is a world with open borders a good thing or a bad thing?
  69. Is it worth making new year’s resolutions?
  70. Should people take more responsibility when it comes to recycling?
  71. Do we get wiser with age?