ESL Questions About Politics


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  1. Do you think there will ever be a one world government?
  2. What course of action do you think the government should take to reduce online fraud?
  3. Do you think the healthcare system is good in your country?
  4. Do you think 18 year olds have enough life experience to be able to vote?
  5. Are the presidential debates before an election in the US helpful?
  6. Should police officers carry guns?
  7. Do you think lockdowns during a pandemic do more harm than good?
  8. Should people be allowed to vote by mail?
  9. Do you trust the mainstream media?
  10. Should people with children get financial support from the government?
  11. Should people have to pay inheritance tax?
  12. Is a two party voting system better than a multi party voting system?
  13. How important is it for people to wear masks during a pandemic?
  14. Do you think that everyone has a right to free health care?
  15. What are the positive and negative effects of a lockdown during a pandemic?
  16. What is the best way to help people in poverty?
  17. Why do you think people choose to become politicians?
  18. Is political violence ever acceptable?
  19. Are you in favour of capital punishment?
  20. Is our educational system outdated?
  21. Is a world with open borders a good thing or a bad thing?