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What are the best ways to cope with the stress of work?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Conversation Summary

Stress has been referred to as the “silent killer” and affects so many people in today’s society. Many jobs come with a lot of pressure and as you build your way up the career ladder the pressure and responsibilities increase which often results in even more stress.

Some people think of stress as simply “part of the job” while others recognise its potentially dangerous effect on our lives and try to manage their stress levels by consciously doing activities to destress and disconnect from work.


  • Do you get stressed with your job?
  • Do you think stress is a big problem in today’s society?
  • How dangerous do you think high stress levels are?
  • What things do you think people should do to try and reduce stress?
  • What do you think would personally help you to destress?

Key Vocabulary

  • Stress noun/adjective
  • Workplace noun
  • Society noun
  • Destress verb
  • Personally adverb
  • Affect verb
  • Pressure noun
  • Responsibility noun
  • Recognise verb
  • Dangerous adjective
  • Manage verb
  • Disconnect verb
  • Consciously adverb
  • Unconsciously adverb

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