ESL Questions About Law and Order


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  1. Would you turn a blind eye if you knew your neighbour was working illegally?
  2. What course of action do you think the government should take to reduce online fraud?
  3. Should business owners be allowed to discriminate by age when hiring someone?
  4. Do you think that all drugs should be legal?
  5. Should businesses have to pay compensation when making employees redundant?
  6. Do you think 18 year olds have enough life experience to be able to vote?
  7. Should police officers carry guns?
  8. Should social networks be responsible for users’ content?
  9. What should the punishment be for tax evasion?
  10. Should everyone have to enrol for military service?
  11. Should cannabis be legal?
  12. What are the positive and negative effects of a lockdown during a pandemic?
  13. Does the United States have a racism problem?
  14. Should there be a minimum wage?
  15. Is political violence ever acceptable?
  16. What should the punishment be for animal abuse?
  17. Should abortion be legal?
  18. Are you in favour of capital punishment?
  19. Should bullfighting be banned?
  20. Is it ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman?
  21. What restrictions should there be on owning dogs?
  22. Does protesting work?