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Should business owners be allowed to discriminate by age when hiring someone?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Conversation Summary

In the past, discrimination of all kinds was common in the workplace, but nowadays there are many laws and policies in place that prevent businesses from discriminating against people by gender, race, age etc.

Although most would agree that any kind of discrimination is bad, some argue that it is not always the case and that discrimination that is purely a business decision should be allowed. People over a certain age are often discriminated against as they are quite often wrongly seen as ‘out of touch’ or not possessing the skills that a younger person would have. Due to this it is increasingly more difficult for older people to find work as, although they have experience, their age is seen as a negative from the employers perspective.


  • Do you think people are discriminated against because of their age where you work?
  • What reasons do you think an employer would prefer to employ a younger person rather than an older person?
    • Do you think these reasons are justified?
  • Do you think employers should be forbidden by law from discriminating against people by age?

Key Vocabulary

  • Discrimination noun
  • Discriminate verb
  • Employee noun
  • Employer noun
  • Employ verb
  • Workplace noun
  • Nowadays adverb
  • Skill noun
  • Perspective noun
  • Hire verb

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