ESL Questions About Science and Technology


  1. Do you think the increase in robots in different industries is a good thing?
  2. Do you think the use of facial recognition technology in society is a good thing?
  3. Do you think people are less sociable as a result of modern technology?
  4. What are the best ways of communicating with your work colleagues?
  5. Will inventions like the Apple Pencil replace the notepad and pen?
  6. Should testing on animals be banned?
  7. Does autosuggestion work?
  8. Will self-driving cars be common in the future?
  9. Should social media platforms be allowed to censor people?
  10. Are mobile phones destroying families?
  11. Are saunas good for you?
  12. Is climate change real?
  13. Are ghosts real?
  14. Will smart speakers soon be commonplace in homes?