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Free Speech


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Free speech is a fundamental right that allows individuals to express themselves without fear of government retaliation or censorship. It is considered a cornerstone of democratic societies and is protected by national and international laws.

However, free speech is not absolute and may be subject to certain limitations, such as in the case of hate speech or incitement to violence.

The concept of free speech also applies to the internet, although the unique nature of the medium has raised questions about the appropriate limits of expression online. The protection of free speech is essential for allowing individuals to freely share their ideas and opinions, and for fostering open and inclusive societies.


Try and use the following vocabulary when answering the question. Click to look up the definition in the dictionary
  • right (noun)
  • fundamental (adjective)
  • limitation (noun)
  • norm (noun)
  • interpret (verb)
  • offensive (adjective)
  • democracy (noun)
  • appropriate (adjective)
  • law (adjective)

The Main Question

Try and have a conversation for 2-3 minutes answering the following question.
What is free speech and why is it important?

Let's Talk More!

Keep the conversation going with these follow questions related to Free Speech
  • How does free speech differ from country to country?
  • What are some common limitations on free speech?
  • How does the concept of free speech apply to the internet?
  • What is the role of government in protecting or limiting free speech?
  • How do hate speech and offensive speech fit within the concept of free speech?
  • What is the relationship between free speech and democracy?
  • How do courts interpret and apply free speech laws and regulations?
  • Can free speech ever be restricted in the interest of national security?
  • How do cultural and societal norms influence the understanding and protection of free speech?

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