Conversation Summary

Throughout life you will come across people who are confident and those who are not. Some people think that confidence is something that you are born with, and although you can practice or train yourself to come across more confident it will never be natural, whereas others believe we are all born the same and confidence is achieve through our education and environment.

Even though there may be some truth in people being born with a certain amount of natural confidence, there can really be little doubt that a persons life experiences has a dramatic effect on their level of confidence. That being said, what is it that makes someone confident?


  • Can you think of anyone who you would describe as very confident?
  • Can you think of anyone you would describe as not confident?
  • Do you think you are confident?
  • What factors in a persons life can influence how confident they are?
  • How much do you think your childhood affects your level of confidence?

Key Vocabulary

  • Confidence noun
  • Confident adjective
  • Come across phrasal verb
  • Experience noun
  • Childhood noun
  • Affect verb

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