What is the most dangerous sport to do?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.


Many sports, especially those that contain physical contact with others, come with an element of danger attached to them. Sports such as boxing or martial arts come with obvious dangers that can clearly be seen, but there are also some sports that although appear safe at first glance actually contain some hidden dangers.

When you really start to think about the dangers involved in different sports it may not be the obvious ones that you would consider to be the most dangers. It could be a sport that for the most part appears quite safe.


  • What sports would you consider dangerous in some way?
  • What sports do you think appear safe, but are actually quite dangerous?
  • What sports appear dangerous, but are actually quite safe?
  • What sports do you like that are dangerous?

Key Vocabulary

  • Dangerous adjective
  • Danger noun
  • Sport noun
  • Safe adjective
  • Risk noun
  • Risky adjective

What is the most dangerous sport to do?

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