Conversation Summary

The idea of charities is well looked upon by most people, and a lot of people try to regularly give money to help others. When people give money they put a lot of trust in the charity and expect them to use the money wisely.

It can be difficult to find out exactly how much of the money you donate goes to those who need it and how much of the money goes to paying the salaries of the charity workers and executives, who in some cases take home a considerably large salary. This brings into question whether the best way to help others in need is to give money to charity or maybe there are other ways where the money could be more effectively used.


  • Do you give money to charity?
  • Do you trust charities?
  • How much of the money you give do you think goes to the people who need it?
  • What can charities do to encourage more people to donate money?

Key Vocabulary

  • Donation noun
  • Donate verb
  • Collect verb
  • Trust verb
  • Raise (money) verb

Additional Exercises

Phrasal Verbs

Think of a sentence using each of the following phrasal verbs relating to this topic

  • Look into 
    example: It’s always a good idea to look into exactly what charities do with the money
  • Get away with
  • Let down
  • Break down
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