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Is online marketing better than offline marketing?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Conversation Summary

Since the invention of the internet many companies have begun marketing and selling their products online. Some companies have taken a very aggressive approach to online marketing and reduced substantially the amount of offline marketing that they do. There is no doubt that online marketing can be extremely effective for businesses and is a great way to reach a huge amount of potential customers, however, it has been argued that because of this people are ignoring the benefits and potential success of traditional offline marketing strategies which can also be extremely effective.


Do you think offline marketing is still effective in today’s society?

Can you think of any good offline marketing campaigns that you have seen recently?

Do you think online marketing is as effective as people say?

Do you think companies are correct in focusing most of their marketing budget towards online marketing rather than offline?

What type of businesses do you think would be suited better to offline marketing?

What type of business do you think would be suited better to online marketing?

Overall, would you say marketing is more effective online or offline?

Key Vocabulary

  • Marketing noun
  • Market verb
  • Advertise verb
  • Advert noun
  • Online adjective
  • Offline adjective
  • Traditional adjective
  • Effective adjective
  • Budget noun
  • Focus verb
  • Society noun
  • Approach noun
  • Customer noun
  • Extremely adverb

Is online marketing better than offline marketing?

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