It seems that everyone around the world is talking about climate change and what we can do to help slow it down or prevent it from happening. Even though many governments are putting policies in place to help there are still some people who don’t believe that climate change is actually real.

Listen to the audio below about someone giving his opinion on climate change and then discuss the talking points.

Talking Points

  • Have you consciously done anything to help with climate change?
    • If no, why not?
  • Who do you think is the most responsible for slowing down climate change?
  • Do you think climate change is exaggerated?
  • Do you think that it is possible the the earths changing temperature is down to natural causes and there is nothing we can do to stop it?
  • Can you think of anything your country could do to help slow down climate change?

Key Vocabulary

  • Climate noun
  • Temperature noun
  • Responsible adjective
  • Responsibility noun
  • Slow down phrasal verb
  • Policy noun

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