Eating in Vs Eating Out

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Originally published on June 13, 2019 and last updated on May 13, 2023

Talking about learners preferences about eating in or eating out serves as an excellent choice for beginner English learners to discuss due to its relevance to daily life and its potential to enhance language skills.

This subject allows learners to explore vocabulary related to food, cooking and dining experiences. Engaging in discussions about eating habits and preferences can also facilitate the practice of essential grammar structures, such as comparative forms and expressing opinions.

Go through the vocabulary below with your students and ask them to try and use this vocabaulry where possible when discussing the different conversation questions.

Why People Choose to Eat In or Eat Out

People have different reasons for choosing to eat at home or at restaurants. Some people prefer to eat in because it’s cheaper and they can save money. Others like to eat in because they can cook their favourite foods and enjoy a cozy atmosphere. Eating at home also allows people to control the ingredients and make healthier choices.

On the other hand, some people enjoy eating out because they don’t want to cook or clean up afterwards. They like the convenience and variety of restaurant menus. Eating out can also be a social experience, where friends and family can gather and have a good time together.

Useful Vocabulary

Try and use the following vocabulary when answering the question. Click to look up the definition in the dictionary

  • eat out (phrasal verb)
  • eat in (phrasal verb)
  • home-cooked (adjective)
  • menu (noun)
  • cook (verb)
  • prepare (verb)

Conversation Questions

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  • Do you prefer eating in or eating out?
  • Do you like eating out?
  • Do you like eating in?
  • What’s your favourite type of restaurant?
  • What’s your favourite type of food to cook at home?
  • What do you like about eating out?
  • What do you like about eating in?
  • What kind of food do you enjoy cooking at home?
  • Is it better for your health to eat at home or go to restaurants?
  • If you had a lot of money, would you eat at restaurants every day?
  • How does eating at home or eating out affect your money and saving?
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Gregory is a qualified TEFL teacher who has been teaching English as a Foreign Language (ESL) for over a decade. He has taught in-person classes in Spain and to English learners around the world online.