The One Meal a Day Diet

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Originally published on June 11, 2019 and last updated on February 4, 2023

I’ve been a proponent of the one meal a day diet for a while now because it’s so simple and easy to follow.

The basic idea is that you eat one meal every day, usually at night (some people do it during the day). The only rule is that you can’t eat anything else, you can just drink water.

Now, I know that sounds hard—who wants to eat just one meal every day? But honestly, this diet is so much easier than you might think. You don’t have to worry about counting calories or anything like that; all you have to do is eat enough food in your one meal so that you feel full—not stuffed, but satisfied.

The great thing about this diet is that it takes away all the stress associated with trying to stay healthy. You’re not going to have any temptations from other foods or snacks in the house, so there’s no temptation at all!

Another benefit of this diet is its simplicity: once you’ve committed yourself to eat only one meal a day, there’s nothing else left but enjoying that meal!

Go through the vocabulary below with your students and ask them to try and use this vocabaulry where possible when discussing the different conversation questions.

Useful Vocabulary

Try and use the following vocabulary when answering the question. Click to look up the definition in the dictionary

  • diet (adjective)
  • fast (adjective)
  • full (adjective)

Conversation Questions

  • Could you eat just one meal a day?
  • How often do you eat now?
  • Do you think you eat too much?
  • How long do you think you should go without eating between meals?
  • If you ate just one meal a day what would you eat?
  • How would you feel eating once a day?
  • Do you think the OMAD (One Meal A Day) diet is sustainable?
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