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White privilege doesn’t exist


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.


White privilege is the idea that people with white skin get advantages in society purely based on the colour of their skin. As the fight for racial equality has increased over recent years so has the term white privilege.

There seems to be a divide amongst people as to whether people are privileged solely based on their skin colour, and whether in fact white privilege even exists. Some say it is clear through what they claim is systemic racism which runs through nearly every aspect of society while others argue that in this day and age the same opportunities are available for all races and any privilege is based on class rather than race.

Let’s Debate

Argue FOR or AGAINST the statement:

White privilege doesn’t exist

Tip: Try arguing for and against the statement even if it is not what you really believe.

Key Vocabulary

  • Debate noun/verb
  • Privilege noun
  • Privileged adjective
  • Racism noun
  • Systemic adjective
  • Society noun
  • Opportunity noun
  • Fair adjective
  • Divide noun
  • Race noun
  • Argue verb
  • Term noun

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