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When is the best time to start marketing a new product or service?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Conversation Summary

Launching a new product or service for a business is always a challenging time, and part of the challenge is knowing when to start marketing. There are arguments for waiting until the product or service is ready and tested, and there are also arguments that the best time to start marketing is before the final product or service is even ready. Usually the most effective strategy depends on what the business is trying to sell.


  • What type of product or service do you think would benefit most from starting marketing:
    • before it is ready?
    • immediately when it is ready?
    • a few months after it is ready?
  • What can be the negative effect of starting to market a product or service at the wrong time?

Key Vocabulary

  • Market verb
  • Benefit verb/noun
  • Launch verb
  • Challenge noun
  • Challenging adjective
  • Argument noun
  • Effective adjective
  • Strategy noun

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