Conversation Summary

In most countries drinking alcohol is legal, but what differs the the age you need to be to drink alcohol. Making it even more complicated is some countries have different ages for consumption of alcohol and purchasing alcohol.

For example in the US the legal age for consumption of alcohol is 18, but purchasing alcohol is 21. What do you think should be the legal age for drinking alcohol?


  • What is the legal age for buying and consuming alcohol in your country?
  • Why do you think there is an age limit on alcohol consumption?
  • Does it make sense to have different ages for buying and consuming alcohol?
  • What are the problems of having a legal age of 21 or higher for alcohol consumption?
  • What are the problems of having a legal age of 16 or lower for alcohol consumption?

Key Vocabulary

  • Alcohol noun
  • Alcoholic noun
  • Consume verb
  • Consumption noun
  • Differ verb
  • Addiction noun
  • Addicted adjective
  • Sober adjective
  • Intoxication noun
  • Intoxicated adjective
  • Booze noun

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