There are many different subjects that students take at school which will differ depending on the school and country. Many consider core subjects such as language and maths as being among the most important subjects.

Other traditional subjects such as history and geography are also considered important by the majority of people whereas other subjects like computing or physical education are view as less important. As times change and society evolve the importance given to different subjects is likely to change as well.

Talking Points

  • What was your favourite subject at school?
  • What subject were you best at?
  • What subject did you consider the most important when you were at school?
    • Do you still think that subject is the most important today?
  • What subjects do you consider not very important to children’s’ education?
  • Are there any subjects that you think should be introduced into the education system?

Key Vocabulary

  • Subject noun
  • Education noun
  • Important adjective
  • History noun
  • Geography noun
  • Mathematics (maths) noun
  • Language noun
  • Literature noun
  • Physical Education (PE) noun
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