Conversation Summary

The number of people being suspended or permanently banned by Facebook has increased during recent times as the platform looks to clamp down on offensive and hateful content.

As a private company many people say they have to right to do want they want when it comes to their users, and should not be dictated to when it comes to their ability to ban users. Others argue that due to the size of the platform, they are able to influence people’s opinions in a way never seen before, and as such should not ab allowed to pick and choose who has a voice and who doesn’t.


  • Do you use Facebook?
  • How much influence do you think Facebook has over you?
  • Should Facebook be responsible for all content on the platform?
  • Why do you think Facebook chooses to ban some people?
    • Do you agree with them?
  • Do you agree with people being suspended or banned for offensive content?
  • Should Facebook be allowed to ban people from using it?

Key Vocabulary

  • Platform noun
  • Ban verb
  • Suspend verb
  • Content noun
  • Hateful adjective
  • Offensive adjective
  • Camp down on phrasal verb

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