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Should bank accounts be free?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Conversation Summary

Nearly everyone nowadays has a bank account, and with the steady decrease in the use of physical currency bank accounts and the cards that come with them are being used more and more often. In theory you may think that as you are giving your money to a business (the bank) then if anything they should be paying you, but in most cases it is the customer that needs to pay the bank a fee for simply having a bank account. Although some banks are now removing fees, others are keeping them and in some cases increasing them!


  • Do you have a bank account?
  • What services do you receive from the bank for having a bank account?
  • Do you have to pay a fee for your bank account?
  • Why do you think most banks charge a fee for having a bank account?
  • Do you think all bank accounts should be free? Why?

Key Vocabulary

  • Bank noun
  • Account noun
  • Withdraw verb
  • Pay in phrasal verb
  • Debit card noun
  • Fee noun
  • Pay verb
  • Interest noun
  • Charge noun/verb

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