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New Competition For A Local Restaurant


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.


Frank owns a local restaurant in his home town providing fresh home cooked meals typical of the food where he lives. Last month a new Italian restaurant opened and he has noticed that the number of people visiting his restaurant has dropped by around thirty percent.

Frank has never really had any direct competition, and never had the need to do much marketing to get people to eat in his restaurant, but now he feels he must do something to get back the customers that he has lost in the last month.

The Question

What advice would you give Frank on how he can get his customers back eating in his restaurant?

Key Vocabulary

  • Restaurant noun
  • Competitor noun
  • Competition noun
  • Marketing noun
  • Promote verb
  • Satisfaction noun
  • Customer noun
  • Satisfied adjective
  • Promotion noun
  • Advertise verb
  • Advert noun

New Competition For A Local Restaurant

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