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Is it easier to find love now than 50 years ago?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Conversation Summary

The modern day approach to dating is very different to that of fifty years ago. Technology has allowed us to approach dating and the idea of finding our perfect match very differently to our parents and grandparents. It has been said that as a result of technology it has never been easier to find love, but is that really the case, or has it made the whole process of finding a person to settle down with even harder.


  • How has modern technology changed the way people look for love?
  • How did people find love fifty years ago compared to today?
  • Do you think technology such as dating apps has made it easier to find love?
  • How do you think modern technology can actually make it harder to find love?
  • Overall do you think it is easier to find love now or fifty years ago?

Key Vocabulary

  • Love noun/verb
  • Relationship noun
  • Date verb/noun
  • Compare verb
  • Technology noun
  • Differently adverb
  • Approach verb
  • Ask out phrasal verb
  • Settle down phrasal verb
  • Break up phrasal verb

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