Is Facebook a good place to advertise a business?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.


The age of the internet and social media has opened up a whole new way for businesses to advertise. The internet has allowed companies and individuals to reach a much wider audience than they could do with more traditional marketing techniques. Facebook in particular has grown its own business model to focus more on paying advertisers with both ads and sponsored posts.

Talking Points

  • Have you ever used Facebook to promote a business?
    • If yes, how was your experience?
  • Have you ever bought anything you have seen in a Facebook ad?
  • Why do you think businesses choose Facebook to advertise?
  • What are the negatives aspects of advertising on Facebook instead of traditional marketing techniques?

Key Vocabulary

  • Advert (Ad) noun
  • Advertise verb
  • Promotion noun
  • Promote verb
  • Campaign noun
  • Demographic noun
  • Marketing noun

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