Conversation Summary

The majority of adults in many countries drink alcohol, and those that drink it will often do so for many different reasons from socialising with friends, relaxing on the sofa, de-stressing after work. It seems to be an accepted way to to unwind and enjoy ourselves. Apart from the obvious dangers of not drinking and driving after consuming alcohol most people consider it to be a fairly harmless part fo their lives.

Majijuana on the other hand has a much more negative reputation attached to it, where many people associate it with drug addicts and generally having a very negative effect on peoples’ lives. However, with more and more research no going into the benefits of majijuana it is now more debatable whether it is actually worse than alcohol at all.


  • Do you drink alcohol?
  • Do you smoke majijuana?
  • Why do you think some people smoke majijuana and some drink alcohol?
  • Do you think the negative reputation majijuana has is justified?
  • Which one do you think is worse for our general health?

Key Vocabulary

  • Health noun
  • Smoke verb
  • Addictive adjective
  • Give up phrasal verb
  • Quit verb
  • Reputation noun
  • Drunk adjective
  • High adjective

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