Conversation Summary

We are told that our body produces vitamin c, which is essential for bone health, when we are exposed to the sun. We are also told that the sun causes cancer and we should protect ourselves from the sun as much as possible.

These mixed messages can appear contradictory, and cause confusion over what is the best thing for us to do when it comes to sun exposure.


  • Do you always use sun cream when out in the sun?
    • What factor?
  • Do you worry about being vitamin D deficient?
  • Do you worry about damaging your skin through excessive sun exposure?
  • Do you think sun cream can be harmful?
  • In an ideal world how much sun exposure should we get?

Key Vocabulary

  • Sun cream noun
  • Burn verb
  • Sunburn noun
  • Tan verb
  • Protect verb
  • Apply verb

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