Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Autosuggestion is the idea of accessing your subconscious mind to change your beliefs or behaviour. It is similar to hypnosis and in its basic form usually consists of repeating an idea or feeling consciously to yourself daily or multiple times per day until it is ingrained in your subconscious mind. Although many still question the ability of autosuggestion to actually make a meaningful change in one’s life, its power has been claimed to enable people to do things such as quit smoking or even cure disease.


Try and use the following vocabulary when answering the question. Click to look up the definition in the dictionary
  • autosuggestion (noun)
  • subconscious (noun)
  • conscious (noun)
  • mind (noun)
  • consciously (adverb)
  • behave (verb)
  • claim (verb)

The Question

Try and have a conversation for 2-3 minutes answering the following question.
Does autosuggestion work?

Additional Questions

Keep the conversation going with these follow questions related to Autosuggestion
  • Have you ever heard of autosuggestion?
  • How would you describe autosuggestion if you were asked?
  • Do you believe autosuggestion can work for anybody?
  • Have you ever tried autosuggestion?
  • Would you be interested in trying autosuggestion? If yes, why? If not, why not?

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