Traditional Marketing Techniques

Type: Vocabulary
Originally published on June 27, 2019 and last updated on February 6, 2023

Nowadays businesses seem to focus much of their attention on online marketing. The ability to reach a wide audience, continually customise your marketing strategy, analyse results and work with small budgets are some of the main reasons businesses are using the online space to advertise.

However, traditional marketing techniques such as posters, flyers and newspaper ads may well still be effective, especially for certain types of businesses.

Go through the vocabulary below with your students and ask them to try and use this vocabaulry where possible when discussing the different conversation questions.

Useful Vocabulary

Try and use the following vocabulary when answering the question. Click to look up the definition in the dictionary

  • marketing (noun)
  • advertise (verb)
  • audience (noun)
  • beneficial (adjective)
  • technique (noun)
  • ad (noun)
  • poster (noun)
  • flyer (noun)
  • leaflet (noun)
  • promote (verb)
  • market (verb)

Conversation Questions

  • Do traditional marketing techniques still work?
  • What traditional marketing techniques can you think of?
  • What benefits do traditional marketing techniques have over online marketing?
  • What are the disadvantages of traditional marketing techniques?
  • What type of businesses do you think can benefit more from these traditional methods?
  • Is there any type of business that would only benefit from traditional marketing techniques and not online marketing?
This conversation topic was prepared by Gregory

Gregory is a qualified TEFL teacher who has been teaching English as a Foreign Language (ESL) for over a decade. He has taught in-person classes in Spain and to English learners around the world online.