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Do children have too many toys nowadays?


Read through the following text and look up any vocabulary you are not sure about before answering the questions.

Conversation Summary

There is no question that the amount of toys available to children nowadays far exceeds that of 100 years ago. Children not only have access to a huge range of different toys but also have access to a variety of electronic devices such as tablets and computer game consoles. Many older people often complain about the amount of toys that children get nowadays explaining that giving them so many toys is spoiling the children and they will not learn the value of money.


  • How many toys did you have when you were a child?
  • Do you think generally children get more toys now than when you were a child?
  • Do you think it is important for parents to restrict the number of toys they give to their children?
  • What are the negative effects of children having too many toys?

Key Vocabulary

  • Toy noun
  • Nowadays adverb
  • Exceed verb
  • Range noun
  • Variety noun
  • Value noun
  • Spoil verb
  • Generally adverb
  • Restrict verb
  • Effect noun

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