Children’s Homework

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Originally published on June 25, 2019 and last updated on June 1, 2023

The topic of children’s homework presents a fruitful conversation topic for English learners, offering them a platform to enhance their language proficiency. Discussing this subject allows learners to practice various language skills such as expressing opinions, discussing educational systems, and exploring the importance of homework.

By engaging in conversations about children’s homework, learners can expand their vocabulary, improve their speaking and listening abilities, and develop critical thinking skills. Furthermore, these discussions encourage learners to reflect on their own educational experiences and consider different perspectives on the topic.

Go through the vocabulary below with your students and ask them to try and use this vocabaulry where possible when discussing the different conversation questions.

About Children’s Homework

It is very common in most countries around the world for children to be given homework when they are at school. Depending on the country you are in the education system will be different and the amount and frequency with which children get homework will vary. Some children will start getting homework from as young as three years old, and many older children will receive a few hours of homework every day.

Education and learning are rightly given high importance by most societies, but is there a point where the amount of homework children receive is actually detrimental to them? Or is it a case of the more homework the better?

Useful Vocabulary

Try and use the following vocabulary when answering the question. Click to look up the definition in the dictionary

  • homework (noun)
  • learn (verb)
  • practice (verb)
  • study (verb)
  • education (noun)
  • advantages (noun)

Conversation Questions

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  • Do children get too much homework?
  • In your opinion, what is the purpose of homework for children? Does it help them learn or is it just extra work?
  • How old were you when you started getting homework from school?
  • How much homework did you get? How much did the amount of homework increase as you got older?
  • What are the advantages of children being given homework?
  • What are the possible disadvantages of children being given homework?
  • Do you think parents should be involved in helping their children with homework? Why or why not?
  • Should children be graded on their homework? Why or why not?
  • If there was a rewards system in place for completing homework, such as earning points or prizes, how do you think it would impact children's motivation and engagement?
  • Should homework be completely abolished for younger children and only assigned to older students?
This conversation topic was prepared by Gregory

Gregory is a qualified TEFL teacher who has been teaching English as a Foreign Language (ESL) for over a decade. He has taught in-person classes in Spain and to English learners around the world online.