Conversation Summary

The fashion of low carb diets seems to come and go, whether it be the Atkins, Keto or other diet, and the debate as to whether a low carb approach is healthy or not continues.

For many people a low carb diet is great way to lose weight and people have reported amazing results when it comes to weight-loss, but what effect does this, sometimes dramatic weight-loss, have on our health?

Talking Points

  • Have you ever tried a low carb diet?
    • If yes, how was it for you?
  • What is the most difficult thing about being on a low carb diet?
  • Why do you think people lose so much weight on a low carb diet?
  • Are carbohydrates beneficial for us?
  • What are the good things about a low carb diet?
  • What are the bad things about a low carb diet?

Key Vocabulary

  • Diet noun
  • Diet verb
  • Hunger noun
  • Go on a diet idiom
  • Be on a diet idiom
  • Hungry adjective
  • Crave verb
  • Deficient adjective
  • Protein noun
  • Fat noun
  • Nutrients noun
  • Appetite noun

Additional Exercises

Phrasal Verbs

Think of a sentence using each of the following phrasal verbs relating to this topic

  • Give up
    example: I gave up eating a low carb diet because I couldn’t resist bread!
  • Try out
  • Look into
  • Break down
  • Work out
  • Cut back on

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