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Type: Phrasal Verbs
Originally published on February 25, 2023 and last updated on May 8, 2023

As an English learner, it can be challenging to navigate the many phrasal verbs in the language, including “end up.” However, practicing conversation using phrasal verbs can be an effective way to improve overall level and fluency.

Using “end up” in conversation can help learners develop their ability to express cause and effect relationships, as well as develop a more nuanced understanding of how phrasal verbs work in context. Additionally, the phrasal verb “end up” is commonly used in everyday speech, so practicing with it can help learners feel more confident and comfortable in real-life situations.

Review the meaning of the phrasal verb with your students first to make sure they understand how to use it correctly, and then go through the different conversation questions. Ask them to try and include the phrasal verb naturally in their answers.

Meaning and Examples

“End up” is a phrasal verb that means to arrive at a place, result, or situation, usually unexpectedly or as a consequence of something. Examples:

“She wasn’t sure what career she wanted, but she ended up becoming a doctor”.
“They planned to take a short hike, but they ended up walking for hours”.
“I thought the movie was going to be boring, but I ended up enjoying it”.

Conversation Questions

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  • Have you ever ended up in a place you never expected to be?
  • Where do you think you will end up living in the future?
  • Have you ever ended up doing something you never thought you would do?
  • How do you usually end up spending your weekends?
  • Will social media end up bringing people closer together or further apart?
  • Do you think artificial intelligence will end up making our lives easier or more difficult?
  • Will the rise of renewable energy end up saving our planet or being too late to make a difference?
  • Do you think online education will end up replacing traditional classroom education or complement it?
  • Will the increasing use of robots end up replacing human jobs or creating new ones?
  • Have you ever ended up learning something valuable from a mistake?
This conversation topic was prepared by Gregory

Gregory is a qualified TEFL teacher who has been teaching English as a Foreign Language (ESL) for over a decade. He has taught in-person classes in Spain and to English learners around the world online.