Still, Yet, Already and Anymore

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Originally published on February 4, 2023 and last updated on May 15, 2023


Below you will find a comprehensive list of questions for English learners to practice using “still, yet, already, and anymore” in English language conversations.

These four words are crucial for effective communication, as they express the speaker’s attitudes towards actions, events, and states.

Each question is designed to help English language learners practice using these words in context and improve their grammatical skills through conversation.

Go through the theory of the grammar point to make sure your students fully understand when and how it is used, and then go through the various conversation questions. Try and engage the students in conversation with follow up questions or comments if they only give one short answers.

How To Use Still, Yet, Already and Anymore

“Still”, “yet”, “already”, and “anymore” are all adverbs that express the speaker’s attitude towards the completion or continuation of an action, event or state.


“Still” indicates that an action, event, or state continues up to the present moment and may continue in the future. It is used with present simple and present continuous tenses.

Example: “I am still waiting for my friend.”


“Yet” indicates that an action, event or state has not happened so far, but it may happen in the future. It is used in negative sentences and questions in the present simple tense.

Example: “Have you finished your homework yet?”


“Already” indicates that an action, event or state has happened or been completed before the expected or agreed time. It is used with the present perfect tense.

Example: “I have already eaten breakfast.”


“Anymore” is used to indicate that an action, event, or state no longer occurs or continues in the present or future. It is used in negative sentences and questions in the present simple tense.

Example: “She doesn’t play piano anymore.”

Conversation Questions

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  • Do you think it's it still necessary for students to memorize multiplication tables?
  • Would you say that technology has already replaced the need for traditional libraries?
  • Do you think some people are still relying on cash to pay for things?
  • Do you think we have already seem the major effects of global warming?
  • Has the traditional 9-5 workday already become a thing of the past?
  • Do you think face-to-face business meetings will still be a thing in 10 years?
  • Do you think physical exercise still necessary for a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are paper maps still needed with the widespread use of GPS?
  • Is the idea of privacy still relevant in the digital age?
  • Do you think the current education system in your country is still effective?
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