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Originally published on February 19, 2023 and last updated on May 14, 2023

Conversation practice that focuses on “How often do you” questions is a great way for English learners to improve their overall level and fluency in the language. These types of questions encourage learners to use the present simple tense, which is one of the most basic and essential tenses in English. By practicing these questions, learners can gain a better understanding of how to form sentences correctly and use proper subject-verb agreement.

Additionally, this type of grammar-based conversation practice helps learners expand their vocabulary and learn new expressions that are commonly used in everyday conversations.

Go through the theory of the grammar point to make sure your students fully understand when and how it is used, and then go through the various conversation questions. Try and engage the students in conversation with follow up questions or comments if they only give one short answers.

Usage and Examples

Beginner ESL students can answer “How often do you” questions by using the present simple tense, which is used to describe regular activities or habits.

The basic grammatical structure is “subject + present tense verb + adverb of frequency + object.”

For example:

How often do you go to the gym? I go to the gym three times a week.
How often do you eat out? I eat out once a week.
How often do you study English? I study English every day.

Common adverbs of frequency that can be used to answer these types of questions include:

  • Always
  • Usually
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Hardly ever
  • Never

Conversation Questions

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  • How often do you watch TV?
  • How often do you exercise?
  • How often do you eat out?
  • How often do you call your family?
  • How often do you clean your house/apartment?
  • How often do you listen to music?
  • How often do you read a book?
  • How often do you take public transportation?
  • How often do you cook at home?
  • How often do you check your email?
  • How often do you go to the movies?
  • How often do you go shopping?
  • How often do you visit your friends?
  • How often do you use social media?
  • How often do you go for a walk?
  • How often do you travel?
  • How often do you have a cup of coffee or tea?
  • How often do you go to bed late?
  • How often do you get up early in the morning?
  • How often do you study English outside of class?
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